Ordinary Muses

WHAT: A flash-fiction workshop and zine


WHEN: 2019

WHERE: Onomatopee Gallery, Eindhoven

WHO: Workshop led in collaboration with Eduardo Tedone, planned with the assistance of Tiiu Meiner. Graphics and design of Riso printed publication and photography by Wibke Bramesfeld. Made possible by the Design Curating and Writing MA Department at DAE and Onomatopee


"Sometimes it’s the small things that matter most- small stories, small publications, small events. Sometimes it’s the ordinary things that are the most dear - dearest objects, dearest people, dearest moments." 

This workshop invited participants to write 55-word stories inspired by ordinary muses such as an old bottle, a plastic bag or a simple conversation as an ode to the mundane or unappreciated. Focusing on the narrative structure of idyllic scenario, disruption, searching and resolution the participants each wrote a piece of flash fiction. These were then compiled into a mini riso-printed publication.