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Memories of the Future - Symposium and Reader

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Quote from Catalogtree in the Reader

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A online reader and symposium


WHEN: 2017

WHERE: Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision, Hosted by OpenSet


I was a participant in the OpenSet programme 2017 'Memories of the Future'. Along with the other Design Curating and Writing MA students, I co-edited a reader reflecting on the themes of archiving and knowledge production, preservation and (re)interpretation.


To create the reader, each of us interviewed a tutor from OpenSet and looked at the methods that are used to translate historical events and content to reflect contemporary political and social issues. We then went through a process of co-editing. I interviewed Daniel Gross and Joris Maltha, founders of the multidisciplinary design studio Catalogtree, authoring 'The Difficulties of Data'. I was a panellist at the symposium that marked the end of the programme, hosted by Anna Winston.

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