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I Know that You Know (that they know, that we might know)


WHAT: An exhibition


WHEN: 2019

WHERE: De Fabriek, Eindhoven

WHO: The exhibition was co-curated and co-authored by the masters graduates of Design Curating and Writing: Esteban Gomez-Rosselli, Héloïse Charital, Lara Chapman, Mara Siegel-Roković and Tiiu Meiner


Through works on Greek sculpture, conspiracy theories, love, emoji, and informal architecture, this exhibition questions existing hierarchies of knowing and the frictions that arise in cultural production. The projects encounter the epistemological gaps between institutional knowledge and daily lived realities using empathy, poetry, performance, moving images and publishing as curatorial strategies.


Between here and there, now and then, us and them there is you and I. At first it’s smooth. Then two becomes three, colour becomes invisible, memory becomes threatened, truth becomes fragile, order becomes unreliable. 


The smoothness of our story is crackling and gaps appear. Something lurks. Have you noticed too?


We know that you could come to know in different ways. In ways that don’t only stand on two feet, but thousands and none at the same time. Here’s our collection that encounters and occupies gaps, presented in a space of performance, poetry and empathy where ways of knowing intersect into rough and untrodden landscapes.


In the end, it’s unsmooth. 

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